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Mississippi Federal Appeals Attorneys

Mississippi Federal Appeals Attorneys


Our unique federal appellate law firm provides experienced appeals for Mississippi at the federal appellate level  and before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals of the United States. We are a federal appellate litigation law firm. We commit 100% of our federal appeal practice to federal appeals across the country, and our appellate lawyers believe in pride, passion, and the pursuit of winning the argument on appeal. We practice before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal and U.S. Supreme Court, with our federal appeal lawyers handling civil and criminal appeals throughout federal courts. We also file Mississippi post-conviction motions in federal courts. Contact our appellate lawyers at (601) 203-1189.

Contact our federal appeals attorneys in Mississippi (601) 203-1189.

Our firm’s federal appellate capabilities are unique. They are enhanced by our appeal attorneys and the background of our federal appellate litigation team. We provide a team for each appeal. Our federal appeal lawyers collaborate on all appellate issues at the federal appellate litigation level, while the firm also handles habeas corpus and petitions for writs of habeas corpus in Mississippi. We handle civil and criminal appeals in federal courts. The federal appellate attorneys handle appeals in JacksonHattiesburgBiloxiGulfportTupelo, and Meridian, Mississippi.

Federal Criminal Appellate Law Firm for Mississippi

Strategy, combined with a passion and dedication to appeals results in an effective federal appeal litigation law office. We have a long standing reputation for appellate advocacy and briefing complex cases in every federal court within the nation. Our federal appellate law firm is unmatched in the country. Our federal appeal lawyers appeal criminal and civil cases across Mississippi and in every federal court in the country. Our federal appellate law firm represents criminal and civil clients. Brownstone performs federal appeals throughout Mississippi. Contact us at (601) 203-1189.

Our federal civil appeals law firm builds credibility with federal courts of appeal. Previous experience means that we emphasize effective presentation and providing the best possible research for each client. This fundamental core belief makes us successful within the federal courts of appeal. Our practice covers a wide variety of subjects and multiple appellate litigation disciplines such as intellectual property, criminal, business disputes, contracts, trademarks, regulatory, administrative, aerospace, civil, clean tech, energy, finance, manufacturing and telecommunications. Return to our main criminal federal appeals attorneys page.

Mississippi Federal Appeals Attorneys

Federal Civil Appellate Law Firm for Mississippi Federal Appeals

As a full-service federal appellate litigation law firm, Brownstone’s federal appeal lawyers share your vision for appellate litigation and case strategy. We assist our clients in defending their victories and challenging adverse rulings of a trial court. The members of our appellate practice team have represented hundreds of clients, covering a wide variety of appellate issues. Our firm handles appeals in Mississippi and in every federal court in the nation.

We have appealed cases across a range of industry sectors. Our strength is our ability to develop a team of appeal attorneys for each case that combines the right mix of legal and litigation skills to meet our clients’ expectations and needs before the federal courts of appeal. The federal appeal lawyers at our firm handle drug appeals, criminal appeals, civil appeals, regulatory appeals, appeals from state courts and appeals from federal district courts.

Our team of appellate litigators has considerable talent in representing clients at the appellate level. When the stakes are high, we are the firm that takes on special issues for purposes of appeal. Composed of former law clerks and prosecutors, our appellate team is one of the best and brightest in the country. The appeal lawyers at our firm take pride in representing clients before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal and U.S. Supreme Court.  Contact our federal appellate law firm today (601) 203-1189

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