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The appeals lawyers at our Tennessee appellate law firm handle complex civil and criminal appeals. Our appeals attorneys in Tennessee handle cases across the state. 100% of our legal representation is devoted to Tennessee civil and criminal appeals in state and federal appellate cases . Our appeal attorneys for Tennessee handle cases from Chattanooga, Knoxville, Nashville to Memphis. Our clients include both businesses, individuals, corporations and corporate officers. Contact our Tennessee Appeal Lawyers today at 1-901-584-0414 for a free consultation.

Our areas of appeals include commercial appeals, business appeals, family law appeals, criminal law appeals in Tennessee, federal court appeals, tort appeals, estate and probate appeals, and medical or healthcare appeals.

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Tennessee Criminal Appeal Lawyers

The Tennessee appeal lawyers at our law firm pinpoint the factors that can influence the appeal. Our Tennessee appellate law firm takes on appeals related to various disciplines of the law, including drug trafficking, drug transportation, drug possession, drug distribution, Racketeering, white collar crime, pyramid schemes, securities fraud and wire fraud. The firm represents clients on a wide variety of appeals in Tennessee criminal courts. Our firm works to find the most up to date case law for our clients facing a criminal conviction and sentence.

Our Tennessee appellate lawyers present challenging issues. We are familiar with the Tennessee Rules of Appellate Procedure to ensure a successful strategy on appeal. Success is based on an ability to understand the trial court process and identify the legal issues on which an appeal can rest. Our law firm handles all types of criminal appeals in Tennessee including drug cases, drug trafficking, felony appeals, DUI appeals, complex financial crimes, white collar crime and public corruption.

Our appellate firm provides the most recent case law research when it comes to understanding the law. Brownstones Tennessee appellate attorneys focus on the best arguments to present in front every appellate court, including the United States Supreme Court. It is our goal to collect the necessary facts and documents that enable us to create a solid argument for winning your case. Click the link to the Tennessee Courts of Appeal webpage to track an appeal.  The lawyers at our appellate litigation law firm also handle Tennessee post conviction petition and writs of habeas corpus.

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Tennessee Federal Appeal Lawyer

The Tennessee Federal appellate attorneys at Brownstone practice appeals before the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of the United States. Our Tennessee appeal lawyers handle appeals in a wide variety of industries including but not limited to admiralty, antitrust, bio-tech, patent, commercial and business torts, contracts, construction, energy and natural resources, ERISA, tax, intellectual property, mining and minerals, media and environmental torts. Federal Appellate litigation can be complex compared to traditional trial practice, which often requires the knowledge and expertise of an appeals lawyer. They understand the intricate details of appellate litigation to create a solid, winning argument for your appeal.

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Tennessee Appeals The appellate team at Brownstone represents clients from Memphis to Nashville. We have a track record of success representing clients on appeal before the appellate Courts. Our core value means we maintain a commitment to excellence in the practice of appeals as well as a profound dedication to ethics and professionalism in the practice of law. Our appellate experience encompasses a broad range of issues under Tennessee law. A key aspect of our success is our appellate team of attorneys. Our federal appeals lawyers in Tennessee are also experienced in federal sentencing issues and Section 2553 motions. We have former law clerks, prosecutors, and members of the Order of the Coif that are part of our law firm. Our Tennessee appeal lawyers produce the quality briefs and arguments for our clients on appeal. Contact our law firm to review your case. Let our Tennessee appeal attorneys represent you. We are ready to review your case to help determine what options are available and which ones. Connect with our appeals lawyers for Tennessee at 1-(901) 584-0414.

News and Publications: Tennessee Appeals Cases

United States of America v. Jeffrey Whaley

May 14th, 2014, Case No. 13-5931, Robert L. Sirianni Jr., Esq.

The Government mischaracterizes Mr. Whaley’s first argument on appeal. Mr. Whaley raised a substantive argument: the district court violated his due process rights when it deprived him of the opportunity to present his advice of counsel defense. Instead of addressing the substantive argument, the Government attempts to reframe the argument in procedural terms, suggesting that the district court properly denied severance and precluded hearsay evidence. (Gov’t Brief at 105). Read more about this Tennessee appeal here: United States v. Whaley – United States Court of Appeals – Eastern District of Tennessee

United States of America v. Abraham Augustin

May 14th, 2014, Case No. 11-5357, Robert L. Sirianni Jr., Esq.

The Government failed to produce sufficient evidence at trial to establish the essential elements necessary for the jury to convict Abraham Augustin of murder-for-hire in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1958(a).8145. Read more about this Tennessee appeal here: USA v. Augustin – United States Court of Appeals – Tennessee Appeal

The appeals lawyers at our law firm also handle Supreme Court Appeals in Tennessee.

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