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California Ex-Mayor Involved in Alleged Murder-Suicide

The ex-mayor of a small town in California was found dead along with his wife. As a federal appeals lawyer in California explains, the wife was apparently suffering from advanced Alzheimer’s.

The Victims in the Case

73-year-old Vaso Medigovich was the former mayor of Corte Madera. He and his wife Meredithe had retired to the affluent Park La Brea area. He was elected mayor in 1987. The Medigovich’s lives appear to have ended in tragedy. The couple was found dead in their home. Mr. Medigovich allegedly suffered a single gunshot to the head while his wife was apparently asphyxiated in her bed. A murder-suicide is suspected. The theory is that Mr. Medigovich killed his wife, then himself. A federal appeals attorney in California explains a possible heartbreaking motive police are exploring.

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Family Members of the Victim Have Offered a Possible Motive and Plea for Compassion

A federal appeals lawyer in California can discuss how a spokesperson for the family released a statement to the press indicated that Mrs. Medigovich had been suffering from the advanced effects of Alzheimer’s disease, and her husband had been her primary caregiver. The family has described these events as an act of love and expression of their parents’ belief in the right to end-of-life decision-making. It’s unclear what further action law enforcement plans to take in the case. At the moment, no information about possible other suspects is indicated.

A federal appeals lawyer in California can discuss this case further and its possible legal ramifications. If you or a loved one face criminal charges, it’s important to seek qualified legal advice as soon as possible.

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At Brownstone Law, you can discuss your case with a knowledgeable federal appeals lawyer in California who can carefully review your circumstances and advise you of your best legal options. To schedule an appointment, call 855.776.2773.

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