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A Pennsylvania Teen Will Face Charges in Juvenile Court For Deadly Crash

In a horrific, fatal crash, 59-year-old Nickolas Zurilla was killed. 16-year-old Tyler Duda was driving. As a Pennsylvania appeal lawyer explains, Duda will now face charges as a juvenile.

Our Criminal Appeals Attorney Describes the Background of the Case
As a Pennsylvania criminal appeals lawyer explains, it’s alleged that 16-year-old Tyler Duda took the keys to his mother’s car and went on a joyride that led to grisly results. It’s claimed that Duda struck and killed pedestrian Nickolas Zurilla. Zurilla was dismembered in the crash and investigators on the scene describe it as one of the most horrific they’d encountered.

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The Latest Ruling in the Case
Originally, the prosecution sought to try Duda as an adult. As a criminal appeals attorney explains, Duda was being held in an adult facility pending trial. However, the judge in the case has just ruled that Duda will be tried as a juvenile. If convicted as an adult, Duda could face up to 40 years in prison. Tried as a juvenile, Duda may only face detention until his turns 21. The judge opined her concerns that Duda would be denied the chance for rehabilitation if he faced incarceration with an adult population.

The Next Step in the Case
Prosecutors in the case plan to appeal the judge’s decision. As such, Duda may not fact trial on the charges until after his appeal process reaches its conclusion. Prosecutors have not yet decided whether they actually plan to appeal the judge’s decision. If they were to successfully to so, attorneys for Duda would also have the chance to appeal any reversal before the case is tried.

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