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At Brownstone, P.A., our Tallahassee appeal attorneys handle civil and criminal appeals for Tallahassee Florida cases and habeas corpus petitions. Connect with our appellate law firm in Florida to discuss a civil appeal, business appeal, or appellate litigation case.  (850) 523-4535. Or, fill out the contact form to talk with a Florida appeals lawyers today.

For criminal appeals in Tallahassee, Appeals provide ways for a defendant to correct part of the criminal defense trial process or procedure that lead to an error and resulted in a conviction. Appeals in criminal cases are based on decisions of the judge to admit witnesses or to allow some item of evidence to be introduced by a party. The objection serves as the basis for the appeal. Our appeal lawyers in Tallahassee, Florida provide the best possible representation to criminal defendants facing complex and difficult issues on appeal. Contact our Tallahassee appeal lawyers at 1-(850) 523-4535 to schedule your free initial consultation.

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Our appellate law firm’s reputation is built upon the recognized achievements of our criminal defense appeals lawyers in Tallahassee. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you find success in your case. Criminal appeals are brought to review matters arising from criminal cases. A defendant may file a direct appeal after a judgment or sentence in a criminal case. Our firm appeals both felony appeal cases and misdemeanor appeal cases. Connect with our appellate lawyers in Tallahassee 1-(850) 523-4535.

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Appeals Attorneys in Tallahassee Florida

Tallahassee Criminal Appeals Lawyers

When a defendant has pleaded guilty or no contest to the charges, and has been convicted or sentenced based on that plea, the grounds for an appeal are narrow. A defendant cannot appeal a pre-trial orders or orders of the trial judge before the jury verdict. However, the state of Florida and prosecutor may appeal certain orders.

A successful appellate lawyer must have a complete understanding of the law, excellent legal research and writing skills, and the ability to use oral argument to persuade a panel of judges to accept a particular interpretation of the law. The Tallahassee appeal attorneys at our firm are licensed across the nation. Our appeal attorneys in Florida are dedicated to providing the best argument on appeal.

The work of our Tallahassee appeal attorneys is different from the work of a trial lawyer. The attorneys at Brownstone have extensive experience preparing appellate briefs and presenting compelling legal arguments in Florida state and federal appeals in Florida. Our appellate advocacy is second to none. Every appeal is based on a strong foundation of strategy, planning, research, writing, and oral argument preparation for the best chance of winning. The firm also handles appeals in Orlando, Palm Beach, Gainesville, Boca Raton, Pembroke Pines, Port St. Lucie, Fort Lauderdale, St. Petersburg, Hialeah, Miami, Tampa, and Jacksonville.  Our lawyers also handle Tallahassee Criminal Post Conviction Motions and Habeas Corpus.

Appeal Attorneys in Tallahassee Florida

Understanding the appeal process in Florida for your type of case, whether it be a criminal issue, family law issue, immigration, federal case, environmental issue or any other case is key to overturning a previous ruling to a ruling in your favor. Speak with our experienced Tallahassee appeal attorneys and let us at Brownstone Law help you get the outcome you deserve. The Tallahassee appeal attorneys at our firm strive to represent clients facing a criminal and civil appeal.

Contact Tallahassee appeal attorneys today to see what we can do for you. Our attorneys are ready to review your case to determine what options are available to you for a successful appeal. Are you dissatisfied by your sentencing or the way your case was handled by the trial court? Well, you don’t need to worry because the United States constitution gives each defendant several opportunities to appeal their conviction. Some of the remedies that you can pursue after conviction include filing for a motion for post-conviction relief, appealing directly at the circuit courts, state court habeas claims or PDR claims. After you have exhausted all these claims you still have one more chance to file for a motion of habeas corpus.

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The Tallahassee appeal lawyers of Brownstone, P.A. are experienced in the area of appellate law. Appeals cases are typically more complex that trial court cases, relying on detailed laws for the handling of an appeal. There is also often a very brief time limit on when an appeal can be made to a higher court. At our Tallahassee appellate law firm, we specialize in both civil and criminal appeals and can help you get the results you want. Our appellate lawyers in Tallahassee Florida have argued hundreds of cases in front of federal courts across Virginia and these professionals want to work for you. Contact our Tallahassee Appeal Lawyers today at 1-(850) 523-4535.

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