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Anwan Glover and Violence in DC

Anwan Glover and Violence in DCAnwan Glover is an HBO actor on The Wire, a star in 12 Years a Slave, and a recent victim of an attack at a DC nightclub. Glover was born and raised in Northwest Washington DC, in an area known as Columbia Heights. Glover has gained fame throughout the years as both an actor and a musician. He has had a role in music videos such as Boyz n da Hood and Wales Chillin. Glover was also a DC DJ for a little while. More recently, he has starred on three episodes of an HBO series known as Treme. Glover has been accepted into the New York Film Academy.

Acting has not been Glovers only claim to fame. He has also made a name for himself speaking to youth in the DC metro area about violence. On August 26, 2007, Glovers brother Tayon was shot to death in his hometown neighborhood of Columbia Heights. Glover himself was shot thirteen times as a DC youth. Glovers own son was the victim of a shooting in 2011. These acts prompted Glovers call to end violence and shootings, and led him down the path of promoting nonviolence to DC area youth.

Glover Involved in Violence Again

This past August Glover was the target of another violent attack. While patronizing a DC nightclub early into one Sunday morning, the actor was stabbed, kicked, and beaten. The attack took place at a venue called Café Asia. Glover told police that he was on the second floor of the club when he was punched and went down to the ground. He stated he was kicked several times and heard someone shout, He has a knife. The actor said that it was right after that when he felt a sharp pain in his side.

Glover was taken to George Washington University Hospital, a local uptown facility. Glover was later released, and, as of this writing, is at home recovering. After the attack police were told that the attack on Glover was completely unprovoked. Police are still investigating and Café Asia announced they would be closed for four days for investigative purposes.

Glovers commitment to nonviolence was not stifled, and if anything was fueled. In his Instagram account, he posted a message of peace stating, I am not a stranger to adversity and when I am shown hate, Im going to spread love. He went on to say that he was recovering and although his, Flesh may be stabbed, his, Spirit is unbreakable. He then thanked his fans and said that no matter what, he would always love DC, which he referred to as, His city.

This is not the first time a member of has been involved with a real-life crime. The crime-oriented show has a few reality-based spin-offs thanks to some of their less law abiding cast members.

The team at Brownstone Law wishes Mr. Glover a quick and easy recovery and commends him on his call for nonviolence.

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