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El Paso Police Office Accused of Shooting and Killing Handcuffed Prisoner

A disturbing video featuring law enforcement officers and a prisoner in custody have gained national attention. As a federal appeals attorney in Texas explains, the video seems to show a police officer shoot and kill a handcuffed and unarmed prisoner.

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The Facts of the Case

A 43-minute video has hit the Internet showing the death of an El Paso inmate. 37-year-old Daniel Saenz is shown struggling with officers over a period of time before he is shot and killed. As a federal appeals lawyer in Texas discusses, Officer Jose Flores is shown struggling with the prisoner before he tases and then shoots Saenz. Even with the video evidence, there are conflicting stories about what really happened.

The Officer’s Apparent Version of Events

Officer Jose Flores gained media attention earlier last year under very different circumstances. Flores was depicted in a viral video giving a boots and socks to a homeless man. This time however, he is at the center of a controversy that could land him in prison himself. Flores claims that Saenz struggled as he and another corrections officer tried to move him. The attempt to tase Saenz, his camp claims, didn’t work due to Saenz’s size. He alleges the gun discharge that killed Saenz was accidental when the inmate bumped into him.

What May Be Conflicting Events from the Video

The video from the facility shows Saenz being dragged while handcuffed by Flores and another guard. The grainy images appear to show a struggle. It remains to be seen what police investigation reveals. It is unknown whether Flores is still on active duty following this event.

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