Appellate litigation requires a unique set of skills. Our Missouri federal lawyers create the best briefs and provide the best possible oral arguments in federal court. All of our appeal lawyers focus their efforts on federal appellate litigation in Missouri and before the United States Supreme Court. We provide appeals in Kansas City and St. Louis.

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By striving for excellence, our Missouri federal appeal attorneys formed one of the best appellate litigation law offices in the nation. We have a national reputation for outstanding federal appeals.We did so by creating value for our clients in Missouri and practicing before the federal courts of appeal in the United States. Our Missouri federal appeal lawyers handle all types of appeals, representing clients before the Eighth Circuit and U.S. Supreme Court. We work passionately to see the job to conclusion. We work for our clients in Missouri

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The federal appellate lawyers at Brownstone have extensive experience in civil and criminal appeals in Missouri. We are retained by individuals and businesses in Missouri to file appeals before the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeal for the United States. The Missouri federal attorneys at Brownstone are former law clerks, members of Order of Coif, and former prosecutors. The federal appellate rules of procedure are difficult but our attorneys are here to explain every detail of the process to our clients in Missouri federal appellate courts.

Our federal appeal lawyers in Missouri have extensive experience in federal court litigation before the Eighth circuit court of appeals. We focus on representing businesses and individuals from Kansas City and St. Louis. Our appeal attorneys are highly skilled at written and oral advocacy and take pride in their focus on appeals. The Missouri lawyers at Brownstone rank among the elite in the nation, handling appeals to the U.S. Supreme Court. Our clients in Missouri include Fortune 500 companies, individuals, financial institutions, and health care providers. Return to our main federal appeal page.

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Successfully representing clients before the federal courts of appeal requires creativity, intelligence, and imagination. We are experienced in civil and criminal appeals and our Missouri federal appeal lawyers have the resources to deliver results that matter. We are a full service federal appellate litigation law firm and our main mission is to provide the best appellate services to our clients in Kansas City and St. Louis. Contact our Missouri federal appeal lawyers today to schedule a free initial consultation.

Filing an appeal can become all time-consuming, and the complexity of the paperwork and procedures helps get your case reviewed before the appellate court. Brownstone Law’s Missouri appeal lawyers are focused on federal appeals and can make this process appear seamless. We also file habeas corpus motions in St. Louis Missouri.

Appeals often take the form of family law, civil appeals, environmental law, criminal law, business, land law, post conviction motions, medical and much more. With so many types of appeals, it’s important to call Brownstone Law to seewhat options are available to you. In speaking with a well versed appeals attorney you will see that your case will be seen before a judge for review. Call today and speak with our appeal lawyers, the consultation is free. You have a right to protect your rights within the court system.

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Brownstone’s federal appeal attorneys have been assisting clients all across Missouri in the area of filing federal appeals.

Over the years, Brownstone has worked with a long list of clients to help them get the justice they deserve. Trial courts in Missouri often make the mistake of sentencing clients for crimes they did not commit or giving wrong verdicts to innocent people. Fortunately, Brownstone has always been there by the client’s side to help them file federal appeals that stand a good chance of seeing success.

Brownstone’s federal appeal lawyers have put in dedicated time and effort to work on such cases for clients. They carry out extensive research and spend hours hunting for evidence to build solid federal appeals that will give their clients a second chance. The dedication and focus has resulted in Brownstone enjoying an excellent track rate of success in achieving positive outcomes through these federal district court of Missouri. Almost all our clients have witnessed their verdicts being changed or their sentences being reduced. The high rate of success is primarily due to the fact that Brownstone’s federal appeal lawyers know the ins and outs of the federal appeals structure. Their growing experience with multiple federal courts has given them the much needed knowledge about how the federal courts function.

Brownstone’s federal appeal lawyers have handled a wide range of federal appeals for convictions in cases related to civil disturbances, criminal trials, business laws, land laws, medical malpractice or negligence trials, and family laws. Despite the wide variety of cases, Brownstone’s federal appeal lawyers have always been able to build strong appeals that have worked wonders in federal courts.

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There are several restrictions on who can receive state pardons. You cannot qualify for a pardon unless you have completed all sentences imposed for your most recent felony conviction and all conditions of supervision, including parole, probation, and community release, have been completed for at least ten years. You must also not have any penalties totaling more than $1,000 resulting from any criminal conviction or traffic infraction or any outstanding victim restitution payments.

There are several kinds of clemency besides a full pardon that might be considered by the state. Full pardons restore all of an applicant’s pre-conviction rights, including the right to own a firearm. There are also pardons without firearm authority that release an individual from all punishment and restore all rights, such as the right to vote, but do not restore the right to own a firearm. Pardons for misdemeanors release an individual from punishment and forgive their guilt in a misdemeanor case. There are also remissions of fines and forfeitures. This is a reduction or elimination of payments owed. Another kind of clemency is the specific authority to own and use a firearm, a form of clemency that exclusively restores this right. There are also restorations of state civil rights. Such a restoration restores all state rights, except the right to own and use a firearm. It also does not lift any obligations for registration held by sexual offenders. Finally, there is the restoration of alien status, which restores non-citizens to all of the rights they enjoyed in the state prior to their conviction.

If you are considering filing for a pardon or clemency, contact us immediately to discuss your options. Our St. Louis Federal appeal lawyer offers a free initial consultation and flexible scheduling to work with our clients. Contact us at (888) 233-8895 for a consultation. 

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