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John McAfee: Brilliant Anti-Virus Software Creator or Murderer?

In the late 1980s and into the early 1990s, when the computer industry started booming, and Silicon Valley became what it is today  a technology Mecca there was Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo, Google, and the rest of the internet tycoons including the anti-virus software, McAfee. The company was bought by Intel in 2010 for almost $8 billion, but long before that, there was a brilliant creator with a troubled past whose now-retired life has become anything but ordinary.

John McAfee was born in the United Kingdom and raised in a small town in southwest Virginia. He attended Roanoke College where he got an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and eventually founded McAfee Associates 20 years later. It was the first company to distribute anti-virus software. He resigned from the company in 1994, but still continued to hold a stake in it for a few years.

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When thinking about retirement, McAfee wanted to live in an English-speaking country that had the secluded, tropical feel, so he moved to Belize. He had a house on the beach, many teenage girlfriends, bodyguards, an assortment of guns, and nearly a dozen dogs. The dogs were known in the small beach community to be aggressive and snappy, sometimes biting tourists on the beach and even biting McAfee’s next door neighbor, Greg Faull, also a retired expatriate living on the beach.  Faull complained of the constant barking and aggression displayed by the dogs and even threatened to poison them if McAfee did not do something to control their noise that continued well into the night.

One morning in 2012, McAfee woke up to find four of his dogs dead. They appeared to have been poisoned, and a friend of Faull’s said that he had admitted to the poisoning. The next day, that friend received a phone call from one of Faull’s caretakers saying that they had found Faull dead on the floor of his house. Faull’s friend rushed to his house to find him lying face up in a pool of dried blood. The caretaker had assumed Faull had a heart attack and died, but the dried blood coupled with the position of his body didn’t look natural. He looked to have been placed there, face up and arms at his side with his legs spread apart.  His keys were still in the front door and he was in the same clothes he had been wearing the night before, suggesting the murder happened right as he was walking into his house after dinner. There was no sign of a struggle and nothing was stolen from his house. Whoever had shot Greg Faull was there to kill him, not rob him, and walked away undetected.

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Faull had been living in Belize for just five months at the time of the murder. He had been working as a general contractor in the United States (particularly Florida) and retired early. He had a love for sailing and fishing, so Belize was an ideal destination for him to retire. When police began their investigation as to who had killed Greg Faull, they heard of the altercation that took place between McAfee and Faull, and since he was a neighbor, they went to his house to question him. When police arrived, McAfee was nowhere to be found.

This was not McAfees first run-in with the law. Earlier, the police had suspected that he was operating a meth lab in one of his other houses in Belize, and they had raided the place though McAfee insisted that there were no drugs or manufacturing of drugs on the property. The search turned up nothing, but he was arrested on a weapons charge. It was then that McAfee decided that the Belizean government was out to get him, and he made sure that every news outlet was aware of his feelings. Now that his neighbor was murdered, he was still contacting the media from his unknown location insisting that he had nothing to do with the murder. He soon fled to Guatemala with his 20-year-old girlfriend. McAfee was later deported back to the United States where he said he would gladly talk to the Belizean government and police regarding the murder of Greg Faull, but that conversation never happened.

While McAfee has managed to dodge the Belizean officials who he believes have framed him for Greg Faull’s murder, he is now living in Montreal, Canada. His life story has been sold to become a movie as well as a novel. He runs his own website now,, where he says he is offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to Greg Faulls killer.

He also has a “requently asked questions  page, where he answers some questions pertaining to Faull’s murder.

What were you doing on the day that Mr. Faull was murdered, and who was with you at the time? I was with Samantha and 6 other people present. As to what I was doing, I do not think that is your business.

Is this blog created because of the death of Gregory Faull? I have sympathy for Mr. Faull’s family and I view what happened as a tragedy. But this blog is not about Mr. Faull. It is about a corrupt government. The blog was not created because of his tragic death. It must be clear from the post that this blog was many months in the making, with much of the material pre-written. If the April event had not happened to me then I would not be doing this blog. We are all moved by our personal experiences and react accordingly to the events around us. I am not trying to clear my name and have no interest whatsoever in putting any effort into doing so. That’s in no way what this blog is about. As I have explained before, whatever people think about the truth, those thoughts have absolutely no impact on the truth. If rain falls and you think it doesn’t, the rain is not going to care much.

Who do you think killed Greg Faull? There are 350,000 people in Belize. Any one of them could [have] done it.

Are you still avoiding the legal issues in Belize and do you have legal representation for the wanted for questioning? Are you concerned the long arm of the law will reach you here in the US and make you return to be questioned or worse? I don’t have legal representation. This has never been a legal issue. It is purely political. There are no charges so I have nothing to avoid here. I did not run from charges. I ran toward safety.

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