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A conviction is not a mark that you want to have on your record. Not only does a conviction cost you thousands of dollars, probation or jail time, but having a conviction on your permanent record can prevent you from getting a job that you want, voting, buying or renting a house and so many more things that you may take for granted. You should not leave an unwarranted conviction on your permanent record if you do not feel that the punishment was justified. If you do not think it is worth it to go through the appeals process, think again. The process is nothing compared to the effect the conviction will have on the rest of your life. The appeals process is anything but a walk in the park. Many people choose to not even go through the work of setting up an appeal because of the stress and process that the procedure has to take. However, this should not be the case. We at the law office of Robert Sirianni want you to know that we are the Houston appellate law firm that can get you your day in court and have your appeal seen through. There are not many civil appeal lawyers Houston that have the endurance and capability to successfully appeal and win your case. However, we are not one of those law firms. Not only do we have criminal appeal attorneys that take both federal and state cases, our lawyers have the knowledge and expertise necessary to turn an unwarranted case over in your favor. Our appeal lawyers Houston will look at every detail and every fact of your case to determine whether a successful appeal is doable and necessary. We will not take your case unless we truly believe that there is a possibility of an overturn. Our appeal attorneys Houston are capable of handling a wide variety of criminal cases, including but not limited to: drug trafficking, financial fraud, business torts, Medicaid fraud and much more. Our appeals lawyers Houston TX, at the Law Office of Robert Sirianni will work extremely hard on every single appeal case that we take on to assure that the right outcome occurs and that an appeal is able to take place and succeed in court.

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The reason that appeals are often times so difficult to get to court and get overturned is because much of the decision relies on extensive knowledge of existing laws and laws that have been recently changed. It is these laws that will likely determine if your case is able to be appealed. Many appeal lawyers will not even venture down that road and will, thus, end up completely unsuccessfully at overturning your court case. However, we are not one of those lawyers that will do that. Our appellate lawyers Houston will work extensively with your trial lawyers to analyze the laws at the time of your conviction, laws that are existing right now that relate to your case and any pertaining laws that many have changed over time to have an effect on your case. With the help of your trial lawyer, we are sure that we can give you a better outcome on your appeal case than any other appeals attorneys Houston TX. If we are successful in getting your day in court for your appeal, we will then make it our task of presenting the most convincing oral arguments for your case in front of the appellate judge. During the trial, our post-conviction lawyers Houston present the facts of the case and any new information or evidence that may have been found since your conviction that may have changed the cases outcome at the time of your first trial. Hopefully, with our presentation of genuine facts, we will be able to see you through the trial and successfully obtain an overturned verdict for your case. Our Houston criminal appeals attorneys have all been successful in obtaining righteous appeals for clients and we believe yours could be next. What’s stopping you from making the call and seeing what we can do for you?

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